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Welcome to A Bountiful Soul’s  new segment:  In Black People News Today. Whereas as I recap the important, crazy and hypocritical shat that my people concern themselves with day by day. So lets begin.

September the 2oth of 2019.

On Instagram;

Billionaire #Robert F. Smith, realizing that you can’t take it with you and extends financial  help for #HBUC More House 2019 graduating  students by way of paying their tuition debt. If that wasn’t enough Mr Smith is also  to pay off 34 million dollars in student loans. Estimated  tuition cost for More House is 27,574 per year or $114,069 for 4 years, this excludes housing, food and other supplies.

In comparison Harvard is $69,000 per year this includes room and board, books and other fees.  Which comes to about $276000 over 4 year period..  However #Harvard is merit based, if your family makes under $60,000 a year its free, remember  you have to get accepted. ..

note: University of the People is damn near free and is taught by mostly Ivy League professors.


University of the People (UoPeople) is the Education Revolution! It is the first non-profit, American-accredited, tuition-free online university dedicated to opening access to higher education globally



#T.I.. the Atlanta Georgia’s Trap Music rapper, speaks out on Black issues. I don’t know if I’m watching a coup for a Black leader’s pulpit or marketing for his known reality t.v. career.  I do however know that Mr. T.I’s enunciation of multi syllable words is way better than most, including mines. So thats something, but is it enough to hang our hats on??? .

#Micheal Jackson, the ghost with the most estate is worth over 2 billion dollars!!!! Side note: none of his three children as of yet attends or attended a HBCU.

?Question? Whose family looks are considered more African American T.I’s or Micheal Jackson’s. I don’t know eye transplants……




#Fat Joe’s comments on the Black and #Latin Americans.  Thank God!!! the conversation is starting about the racism that is the unspoken truth in the urban arena among its inhabitants.  Someone needs to tell Fat Joe to read my article of the question if Cardi B is Black.

#snoopdog-  telling folks not to snitch.. fuk that ain’t nobody building any “new jack city” in my neighborhoods. I’m taking videos, pictures and hand note recordings. I have 911 on speed dial.

I’M NOT CLAIMING #LOVEAFTERLOCKUP.  FUK  Y’ALL WE CAN DO BETTER. I’M NOT REVIEWING IT. Although the love of my life did do 8 years in 4 different prisons in three different states for the same charge. But I couldn’t fix him and save myself so,  good-bye. His Work wasn’t honest but it paid his bills.

#groundwar, I don’t know, I’m still trying to win at Tetris. So there you go…Oh, is in need of a gamer blogger.  So..if interested and you know #twitch just take of the page.

#MichaelPittman the #USC receiver is making #waves and breaking records on the football field. Instagram models, start your engines!!!

#AntonioBrown  was officially let go from the #Patriots based on “sexual misconduct” claims from unknown accusers.   Did #6ix9ine have something to do with this? Because it seems to me that all year-long Mr. Brown has stood up for himself and it paid off big time……until stage right and exactly on que, this playbook of the destruction is getting really, really old.

#BetteMiller #tweets for #Beyonce to her followers to vote against #Trump.  Hmmmm?? I wonder if this was the same voting plan that #Hollywood did to stop Beyonce from getting a emmy? Curious minds want to know.

#CandaceOwens-  (don’t quote me boy , because I ain’t said sh*t BOH) Told White women today that Black women need husbands to build strong foundation in the hood. That she could give a fuk less about a klan member, if Black American families where strong that we as a village will get together and kick that klans mans ass.  Is this what America is afraid of???? hmmmmm?


Well thats my recap. See you tomorrow. Now let me put my ads in so I can get some coins. Good night

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