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My Song!

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I sing a song which is old but the melody is new, I sing a song of inspiration and truth, I sing a song, of all the wrongs, hurt, lies with the rhythm the describes unnecessary pride. I sing a song of the humming sounds of an old Negro sing- song of one day being where they belong. I sing a song of a hip hop rhyme of just taking what is mine. I sing a song of a God that seemed to have disappeared; He vanish then just like that reappears.

I sing a song that swells with each ocean current reaching lands and beaches of gold, diamond, jewels these would be my ancestors who other off -springs know me not. I sing a song that favors blood, sacrifice and bravery but which threads conveniently at times belong to me or at least I think. I sing a song which boast my beauty, my gifts but never my beings, because it only if I replicated this or wear that, constant battle that some times makes my mirror’s reflection worn. I sing a song of his kisses, hugs and hurtful united shared love, Mrs, or mistress, sounds the same, it just sometimes the beat is off unacquainted as it plays on. I sing a song that no one dances too, the pace is elaborate and sometimes abrupt like somewhere the lyrics became corrupt. But hell I will keep singing this song, because within this song my true being belong. So,I sing a song.

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Falling out of Love

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Looking into your eyes I see love and your essence guides my smile, I know with you everything is made right. However I have a favor to asked of you; baby can you make me fall back in love with tonight. Standing embraced your arms and you holding me so tight your arms are strong you saving me from any harm with all your might.

Telling me everything is alright ask and you will do its hurting me because your love for me you showed and proved.  I’m frighten to asked of you this one thing can you make me fall in love with you again tonight. Taking in all the years the laughter and tears in each other we’ve overcome insecurities and fears war torn and battle won in the time we became one.  It scares because I feel that I’m running away and begging myself that  I should stay.

Love is guarantee as sure as the sun’s or the moon’s light. don’t cry because my tears of pain are  greater than yours. Can you just take me to bed and could you just make me fall back in love you with you tonight.I have been talking to the woman inside of me to get her heart right. I’m trying with all that I am to get us back to who we were,I have been praying and wishing on every star something is still not the same in heart it’s still not right.

So I’m pleading and begging begging for you to make me fall back in love with you tonight  the morning light love,love will shower, love will heal , love again will be ours. just as long as you make me fall back in love with you tonight.

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Lost OG

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Muse…muse..muse….No acknowledgments, no left notes or clues..spirit just blew though on some new shit …changed the game and left as quick as he came. Got the block kids thinking they invented what was old now new.

Master locked but never bothered to click so, sounds wind bound…worn words emancipated..wings to fly..death set up by the system on the sly..Given eight cigarettes to spark at the a time named mild.

Poison too boost crowing like a roost put glamoured lipstick on batting eye’s hens, serving up casseroles of starch and settled mucus tasty as momma’s pie piled up high..yeah, blood thicker than water now my brother..can’t let this nig survive ..he is out to open eyes; exposing fallacy invisible imagines drawn in the clouds .. adding up angles and rearranging the sky..legacy be damn this nig like most must to die.. make it medical. ..unexpected but surely quickly and no questions will arise.

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A Bountiful Thought

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Sitting here thinking and my mind wonders… so what pop into my mind was this; Moses did see the promised land, but he never step foot into the promised land. This fact never diminished his importance… The second :.. that two type of water (fresh and salt) can not come from the same source.. However if applied to the human ..think this .. the conscious is one source, however it is filtered through two sources. The two hemispheres of the brain …. the divider of these two hemispheres is the definition of free Will itself.

Whatever energy path which the consciousness strength lays is where the thought will be process and made reality to a person . apply this to the mentally impaired. . Supposing they have more than one divider and these dividers are virtual. And depending on where the divisions lay is the result of the mental condition..  Suppose that this same condition make the mentally impaired not lesser but greater in mentally. Because they can access multiple parts of the human brain that is otherwise unreachable by the average person. Maybe it’s a matter of human escalation that we have not studied yet ..that maybe we should… These thoughts come to me and maybe they are wrong .But they keep my mind so occupied..but I think occupied too much at times.

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Farewell To A Friend

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Ups and downs that’s what they say life is .. Paths chosen..regrets abundance and hurdles jumped.. Memories so precious and yet with a sigh they saddened. Old hymns are my nourishment, yet my spirit is still starves. The road is smoothly gravel paved and my feet are bare, its just a matter of one step or a few it seems that will round out in the end. I must say that I did enjoy the trees and their nice breeze , scented flowers made it easier. Thank you my friend, However my conductor is now here my rest begins.

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