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Woman to Woman: How a Transgender Person Made Me a Better Woman.

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When I started this site I promise myself that all writings must be back up by facts so, in the spirit of that promise I will include some recorded stats and studies. I must state though this is more of a personal statement; a first person look into myself and how an “auntie” made me appreciate my womanhood and significant spiritual worth; I was truly devaluing myself.

Ok, enough with the formalities, this is just me and you the reader talking so, let me be as open and honest with you as I can. I was born into the female gender, so yes, I love the colors pink and lavender my bedroom is painted a beautiful color purplish and white. I have every color of the rainbow in lipsticks and glosses, with eyeshadows to match. As I pen this I’m wearing a soft pink thermo top and gray leggings with over the top cloth roses sewn upon the leggings.

The complicated gender history of pink
By Puja Bhattacharjee, CNN

  An article titled “Pink or Blue,” published in the trade journal The Infants’ Department in 1918, said that the generally accepted rule is pink for boys and blue for girls. “The reason is that pink being a decided and stronger color is more suitable for the boy,” it said.
So when did the reversal happen?
“In America by the 1890s and the early 20th century, manufacturers attempted to sell more children’s and infants’ clothes by color-coding them,” she said. Some manufacturers branded pink for boys and blue for girls, and vice versa.In 1927, there were a lot of regional differences reported between how stores characterized the color, Steele said. Stores like Best & Co. in Manhattan and Marshall Field in Chicago branded pink as a boy’s color. Others like Macy’s in Manhattan and Wanamaker’s in Philadelphia identified pink as a girl’s color.”There was no unanimity at all,” Steele said. “People were starting to think by the 1920s, because of the manufacturer’s attempt, that there was a distinction between pink and blue for boys and girls.  

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Yes, I’m woman hear me roar; degree in tech in hand, veteran , home owner, single parent to my nephews and all around good neighbor. But inside I felt ugly and sometime not worthy of love. Don’t get me wrong; when I look in a mirror I always feel that I am beautiful; yet I grew up in a family that in unison told me that I wasn’t. I could not put the two together, when in a mirror I see beauty but the world many of times showed or told me that I wasn’t. So, you see my battle; and being 5’8 with gapped teeth at times I believed them. Its just you and me talking right? Because I’m laying it all on the table here and I need for you to understand how a woman born a man help me to lower the volume of those long ago echos that can be quite haunting.

In those haunting one is trapped in a prison of self doubt and those doubts manifest themselves into what teenagers terms today as a “thot” (that hoe over there) by searching for acceptance in unacquainted love and the disrespect of one’s body and specifically staying in a emotionally abusive relationship for over 17 years with nothing to show for it by regrets that come slowly creeping in one’s mind at the most inconvenient times of the night, usually when its too quiet.

This Is How You Love The Girl Who Has Been Emotionally Abused
By Kirsten Corley, April 19th 2019

A lot of times when someone has been abused they look for similar qualities in every person after because there is still the want and need and approval of someone like them. There is the want to be loved the way your abuser couldn’t. And trying so hard for it. So the cycle they find themselves in isn’t one where they treat someone poorly but rather they continue to find others who treat them the same way.

Its a cruel world, if I can give any parent any advice; love your children, listen to them and, speak life into them, trust me its a real cruel world. The saving grace is that there is hope, truth, love and some fascinating characters one specifically is aunty TS Madison . I first came to now of TS Madison . I first came upon aunty by way of very “blue” roasting show The Queens Court. The show featured overly talented
Florida Rapper Khia Shamone and TS Madison.

Ts Madison and Khia Play ‘Judge & Jury’ on ‘The Queens Court’

Think Don Rickles , Dean Martin , or   Richard Pryor  if they were roasting today and politically correct was not the catch phase of the elite, then one will have the two preceding mock judges.

Yes, I agree the type of comedy is not for the sensitive or proper but I darn sure found it funny as heck. The show ended as quickly as it began, lets called it “creative differences “and leave it at that. Are we still talking? Just want to make sure that I’m not rambling.


Khia Shamone, the “hang the high” judge reminds me of all of my female cousins rolled into one person reunion after the elders have left and the first of Heineken as been drank and we are off to the 2nd ;the named game is truth or get punch in the throat. The “just” judge “The T.S Madison” is why we are here talking. The T.S or aunty Maddie for the rest of our talk.

Aunty Maddie, for the first couple of shows I had no idea that she was born in the gender of a male, nothing about her physical appearance scream or whispers what is customary male. My point is not to focus on her physical appearance but the life lessons which she experienced in her former occupation ( go and see her, and she will tell you). Lets just say that what aunty Maddie survive would of dam sure killed 98 percent of us, as the kids say “Keeping it a buck”.

On any giving day one can find aunty Maddie on YouTube ( oh!! warning; she got a website out there that is really graphic, and when congress can define pornography then so will I ) so when googling be very careful. With that said, let talk about the “ministry” that is given, from the past events in her life and her personal journey she brings you in vivid spun tales and the lessons she have learned of how to overcome the adversities that were most hideous and deadly, she does this in a point blank yet sensitive manner that brings one into a first person experience and in that one also experience the victory, her endings are advice driven as if she is taking that last beat of her heart and if handing her heart to one as if it was one’s last lifeline to save themselves and in return all she asks is for one not to judge her to harshly.



At least 22 transgender people have been killed in the United States since the beginning of 2018 — 82 percent of them were women of color; 64 percent were under the age of 35; 55 percent lived in the South.

We say “at least” because the stories detailed in this report very likely undercount the number of transgender people who were killed in the United States this year. Although advocates, bloggers and media groups have elevated this crisis in the past several years, data collection is often incomplete or unreliable when it comes to violent and fatal crimes against transgender people. Some victims’ deaths may go unreported, while others may not be identified as transgender in the media, often because authorities, journalists and/or family members refuse to acknowledge their gender identity.

In life, each of the individuals memorialized in this report went to extraordinary lengths to live authentically as who they were. In death, we must honor their truth with bravery and action


The bigotry and hate that were and is currently being thrown at T.S, makes me question myself . Have or had I ever done anything that can be deemed prejudice, the answer will have to be yes. I cringed at the thought of a man using a woman’s bathroom or a male on a female sports team competing against other females. The later I must say that I feel that the male is physically stronger than females so in sports I’m still on the fence in that aspect, however a trans gendered woman in the woman’s rest room seem very little concern too me as long as all privacy is respected . I would will stand with womanhood, all of womanhood which means; my Asian , Black , Caucasian , Latino and any female that taught me to make sure that I put my lipstick on in FRONT OF MY ENEMIES!!! Love you Auntie, I wish you the biggest and brightest light that Hollywood has to offer.

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