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My Song!

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I sing a song which is old but the melody is new, I sing a song of inspiration and truth, I sing a song, of all the wrongs, hurt, lies with the rhythm the describes unnecessary pride. I sing a song of the humming sounds of an old Negro sing- song of one day being where they belong. I sing a song of a hip hop rhyme of just taking what is mine. I sing a song of a God that seemed to have disappeared; He vanish then just like that reappears.

I sing a song that swells with each ocean current reaching lands and beaches of gold, diamond, jewels these would be my ancestors who other off -springs know me not. I sing a song that favors blood, sacrifice and bravery but which threads conveniently at times belong to me or at least I think. I sing a song which boast my beauty, my gifts but never my beings, because it only if I replicated this or wear that, constant battle that some times makes my mirror’s reflection worn. I sing a song of his kisses, hugs and hurtful united shared love, Mrs, or mistress, sounds the same, it just sometimes the beat is off unacquainted as it plays on. I sing a song that no one dances too, the pace is elaborate and sometimes abrupt like somewhere the lyrics became corrupt. But hell I will keep singing this song, because within this song my true being belong. So,I sing a song.

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