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Falling out of Love

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Looking into your eyes I see love and your essence guides my smile, I know with you everything is made right. However I have a favor to asked of you; baby can you make me fall back in love with tonight. Standing embraced your arms and you holding me so tight your arms are strong you saving me from any harm with all your might.

Telling me everything is alright ask and you will do its hurting me because your love for me you showed and proved.  I’m frighten to asked of you this one thing can you make me fall in love with you again tonight. Taking in all the years the laughter and tears in each other we’ve overcome insecurities and fears war torn and battle won in the time we became one.  It scares because I feel that I’m running away and begging myself that  I should stay.

Love is guarantee as sure as the sun’s or the moon’s light. don’t cry because my tears of pain are  greater than yours. Can you just take me to bed and could you just make me fall back in love you with you tonight.I have been talking to the woman inside of me to get her heart right. I’m trying with all that I am to get us back to who we were,I have been praying and wishing on every star something is still not the same in heart it’s still not right.

So I’m pleading and begging begging for you to make me fall back in love with you tonight  the morning light love,love will shower, love will heal , love again will be ours. just as long as you make me fall back in love with you tonight.

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