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Sisters Where Are We?
You see who switched up sides and who was solid (who was solid) You see who stuck to the code and who forgot it Talk about it Cardi B “Backin’ up lyrics”
You see who switched up sides and who was solid (who was solid) You see who stuck to the code and who forgot it Talk about it Cardi B “Backin’ up lyrics

In recent times there have been multiples discussions in the social media world of who is a Black woman. Let me state as a Black woman I know firsthand the trials and tribulations that we as woman specifically, Black women go through daily. However, no matter how I feel as an individual I must keep this post open and as truthful as possible. In this post we will discuss the history of all women of African descent in the Americas and Caribbean. I know that the world is way bigger than just the United States, but this is where I am. However, the universal cry of the woman of color is felt and heard regardless of geographical area.

African-American, Hispanic, Caribbean and Latina: Who is Black? The Roots:
First, one must acknowledge the roots of each race and/or ethnicity general historical geographic locations beginnings. Let’s start with the “la Piel de Toro ( the bull skin) or Iberia (land of the rivers) original names given to Spain by the North Africans who were the 1st and then Romans the 3rd to cross into the Straits of Gibraltar into the territory.

Herodotus Map

Between the 1st and 3rd the debate is between the historical Celts and Phoenicians depending on your study they are either the same or a mixed grouping of migrates which came after the Northern Africans the Berbers or Libyans.
https://www.ancient.eu/Berbers/ Currently considered a European country, Spain has a very intriguing history, it went from Black to White to Mixed Culture to Black to White. One can understand the confusion of identity from those who claim the countries Spain or Portugal as their roots.

On to the “Motherland” what’s called African. Concentration on what described by Martin Luther King jr in his Drum Major Instinct; “The most tragic prejudice, the most tragic expression of man’s inhumanity to man” in this quote, we look at the African Diaspora —-The Slave Trade introduced in the Americas in 1619 Jamestown Virginia by the Dutch who seized the Africans from a Spanish slave ship. However this is not the beginning of Africans being taken into slavery; for that we have to go back a further into the 1400s and into what is known as Europe,Asia and Arabian countries before the Africans were captured and enslaved in the Americas and Caribbean.

The continent of Africa consists now of 54 countries, but it’s historical cultural and ethics groups has always been counted in hundreds and again, depending on one’s research thousands.. Commonality of it all is that Africa was home and regardless of the structures, religions, beliefs and ethnic identity, “>Africans are human beings the first humans beings to walk this earth, and gave the world the ability to communicate by language, spirituality and utilities to survive… Though common thought is that slavery was based one outstanding map:


The lack of human and natural resources in the Asians and European countries because when no one could figure out how to clean themselves and their environment. They figured out how to invent a gun, but soap and water that’s another story. . ..Meanwhile in Africa they were inventing inoculation. .. https://www.britannica.com/event/Black-Death//

So, let us get back to hip hop; in the words of KRS 1.
In this post we are concentrating on the chasm that is currently causing some ripples between the Brown and Black woman. When did the shift happened? Truthfully I don’t know however, I do know the totality came to a head when Latina rap artist Cardi B …. planets’ aligned and she was ready to take her center role as reigning queen of rap music, an African-American urban style of music. In addition, with the current trend of romantic coupling of African-American men with Latina women plastered on social media, it is not odd for African-American women to question the loyalty of the Black man to their Black women.

This is where the conflicts starts of whom is Black, what are the social and biological structures that makes Blackness retains its identity after all the turmoil the race has been through in the Americans. Another dilemma is that there are Black Latinos, but not all Latinos are Black or at least they don’t claim themselves as part of the African Diaspora. Yet it will be self-destructive to excludes part of one’s ethnic group, because they reign from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic or any place just because they speak a different language and have unique cultural backgrounds. As the comedian Paul Mooney states: “they just got dropped off first” referring to the Transatlantic Slave trade.

Center on the Transatlantic Slave Trade in the Western hemisphere and the current effects of the African Diaspora:

Puerto Rico territory of the United States Race Population 2018 ; 3,195,177 : White alone percent 68.9 %, Black or African-American alone 9.8%, American Indian and Alaska Native alone .03%. Asian alone .2% , two or more races 6.1% Hispanic or Latino 99.00% White alone, not Hispanic or Latino .8%

Mexico an independent country that in 2016 first recognized their citizens who are of African descent. The most recent count is 1.38 million Afro-descent, that is 1.2 % of the country population. by the way the current year is 2019.

Dominican Republicans again its independence from Haiti in 1844, in 2018, the population is listed at: 10,298,756 with the nationality of Dominican and ethnic groups of the following as of 2014: mixed 70.4% (mestizo/indio 58%, mulatto 12.4%), black 15.8%, white 13.5%, other 0.3% (2014 est.)
note: respondents self-identified their race; the term “indio” in the Dominican Republic is not associated with people of indigenous ancestry but people of mixed ancestry or skin color between light and dark.

The few above examples are only a “drop in the bucket” of those victimized by the slave trade, the African Diaspora has many of brothers and sisters or as the old folks say “kin folks ” that need the emplacement of the Black/African family. The problems come into play when African Diaspora fall into the trap of colorist and the one drop rule of colonialism, the pitting the Brown and Black family member against each other using merit-based award system.

We all have heard the saying: If you’re light then you are alright, if you’re Brown stick around and if you are Black get back. The color of your skin was not just the appeasement of the colonizers but the literal key to one’s survival. The fact that a great percentage still buy into the colored construct rule of their captures in 2019 this has cause many of great rifts in our communities and have prevented stable growth in both economical and mentality

Harriet Tubman’s quote “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.
“.. So, here we are in the year 2019 , 154 years after slavery ended, 65 years after Jim Crow then the civil rights marches and what have you; we are still have a disability Stockholm Syndrome. I wonder if we have given up or have stop hearing the embedded coding reaching out to us from our ancestors of the most important items we have; our identity, our survival, our overcoming , our spiritual connection to one another, our morality-ethics , our education, our home and our family. The question is not who we are, but have we forgotten who we are.

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